Why You need a Brake Check from our Mobile Mechanic this Spring

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time for a brake check from our Mobile Mechanic! Winter may be over, but don’t just focus on changing your tires and oil. The entire underside of your vehicle has driven through slush and snow mixed with salt, sand, and debris. This can further damage your brakes, especially if you’ve held off on regular maintenance. Here are two major brake issues that can arise due to winter driving. 

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Brakes vs. Winter

We can’t hide the fact that aggressive driving is a way of life here in New England. Aggressive driving in any season is no good, but it is definitely not a good idea in the winter when conditions are slippery and below freezing. Throwing on the brakes when driving in a storm is unavoidable, but repeated braking at fast speeds can introduce a variety of issues. 

As a result, your vehicle’s brake pads may form cracks, allowing for dirt, water, and cold air to get in. Cold air is never a good thing, as this can freeze the brake lines and cause noticeable grinding and squeaking every time you step on the brake. 

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Brakes vs. Oxygen

After cracking sets in with your brake pads, if left unchecked, rust can start to form. This is due to the cold air, which corrodes brake parts. In the winter, water, snow, and salt speed up this process, leading to reduced braking performance. 

Cold air is the number one reason for brake issues. This is because oxygen attacks any rubber parts connected to the brakes. If left unchecked, these rubber parts will become brittle and crack, leading to brake fluid leaks. 

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Let Our Mobile Mechanic Help!

If you’re worried about faulty brakes, rusted parts, or leaking brake fluid, give our mobile mechanic a call! Forget the stress of driving to the mechanic–let us come to you. Whether you’re working remotely or have a busy schedule at the office, we understand that your time and safety are valuable. Our brake services usually take between 1 and 1 ½ hours to complete, and we offer competitive pricing and flexible financing solutions. 

When it comes to brake repair service, consider calling one of our professional mobile mechanics at Brakes On Demand. Contact Brakes On Demand today by calling 978.596.6676.