Mobile Car Repair Tips: Three Ways To Make Your Brakes Last Longer

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Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle, and the mobile car repair pros at Brakes On Demand understand that your safety matters! But let’s face it – brake repairs can cost a pretty penny if issues are ignored for too long. If you’re looking for ways to increase the overall longevity of your brake life, trust the pros at Brakes On Demand! Here are a few tips for brake longevity that will save from stress and money!

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1. Speeding Isn’t Worth It

Yep, we said it! Of course, we all need to go a little faster at times, but if you live in a world of stop-and-go traffic like we do in New England, you know you may have to slam on those brakes more often than not. Keep in mind that the higher the speed, the more energy it takes for your vehicle’s brake system to work. 

Instead, practice coasting, a technique used to slow down the vehicle naturally without applying the brakes. Keep in mind that this technique isn’t possible in every situation; it tends to work best when preparing to turn or slow down. 

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2. One Car-Length Apart

Of course, the next step to maintaining healthy brake materials is to widen the gap between you and another car. Tailgating leads to more time spent braking or possible collisions. Give yourself more distance during inclement weather and at night to allow for more brake time.

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3. Get Your Brakes Inspected

Okay, we know we said these tips would save money, but trust us. You’ll be saving yourself more money and stress in the end by getting your brakes serviced regularly. Your mobile car repair pro from Brakes On Demand will check all brake parts for damage and flush brake fluids regularly. Doing this will ensure your safety and the health of your car!

Did you know? Brake fluid attracts water, lowering the brake fluid’s boiling point. This reduces braking performance, and the added moisture can lead to internal corrosion of the braking system! The standard recommendation for a brake flush is every two years or after 25,000 miles. 


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Don’t wait to get your brakes serviced – give our mobile car repair a call! Whether you’re working remotely or have a busy schedule at the office, we understand that your time and safety are valuable. Our brake services are fast and flexible, and we offer competitive pricing and financing solutions. 

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