Mobile Car Repair Tips: Brake Fluid


Brakes are complex. As a mobile car repair company, we want our customers to understand how to maintain their vehicles. When it comes to safe driving, brake fluid is a vital component of your braking system. So today, we’re going to cover the importance of brake fluid, how it works in a hydraulic system, and how often it needs to be changed. So here it is, right from the professionals at Brakes on Demand.


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What is brake fluid?


In modern cars, most brakes rely on a hydraulic braking system. The brake fluid is what makes this system work, as it’s a liquid chemical solution that can withstand high temperatures. When you press on the brake pedal, it amplifies the force tenfold, then transforms it into the pressure that slow’s the vehicle. That’s why if brake fluid or the lines go bad, it can be difficult or almost impossible to stop safely.


Does it go bad?


Short answer: yes, brake fluid can go bad over time. Most vehicles have a schedule in the owner’s manual, with the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance. For example, some cars are recommended to have their fluids checked every 20,000 miles. Although, some vehicles just need an inspection once every three years. Regardless, it’s still important to remember that you should still consider your driving habits and the environment for car repair.


Brake fluid loses effectiveness over time.


Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture from the air. In other words, if air gets into the braking system, it leads to issues over time. Despite being a closed system, it’s almost impossible to prevent some amount of air from mixing into the system with time. Essentially, the air increases the amount of water in the brake fluid, which lowers the boiling point. When the boiling point of the liquid is low enough, combined with the intense heat from driving and braking, it can lead to your brakes losing effectiveness.


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