4 Things To Remember If Your Brakes Fail

A brake system can stop working suddenly. Luckily, sudden and total failure is rare. This terrifying experience is one of the most dangerous mechanical failures that can happen while driving a car. While brake replacement is certainly in the future, here are a few actions to remember if you find yourself in this situation.


Alert Other Drivers

Always try to stay calm in stressful situations. It would be best if you stayed calm so that you can try to stop your vehicle safely. Put on your hazards and flash your high beams to alert other drivers that something is wrong so they can react accordingly. 


Downshift Your Gears

One of the first things that you should do is shift your car into a lower gear. Changing gears will make use of engine braking. Remember not to downshift too quickly, or you may lose control of your vehicle. 


Pump Your Brakes

You can build pressure back up in your braking system by pumping the brakes repeatedly. If your car has an anti-braking system (ABS), press down hard, and the ABS will automatically pump them for you. Once enough pressure builds, just press the brake to the flood, and your car should slow. 


Use Your Emergency Brake

If your pumping your brakes didn’t work, you should use the emergency brake. Take note that this only stops the rear wheels of your car. Try to slow your vehicle first by changing gears and pumping your brakes first. Engaging the emergency brake while going at high speeds can cause your wheels to lock up, and you might lose control of your car. 


Call Us For Brake Replacement Services ASAP!

The best way to prevent your brake system from failing is to have your brakes serviced once a year. If you notice any strange noises or your brakes are not working correctly, partial or full brake replacement may be required. Either way, it’s a call you won’t want to put aside!

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