Do Car Brakes Wear Faster In the Summer?


It’s official. Summer is here. The summer heat can take a toll on many things outdoors, especially your car! Have you considered what the heat of the summer weather can do to your brakes? Hotter temperatures can result in more stress on your brakes, along with heat from friction. If you need brake servicing, consider convenient mobile car repair from Brakes on Demand! Here are few things to be aware of when driving this summer.


Friction results in heat.


When you press on the brake pedal, the fluid in your brake lines reaches the calipers. From there, the calipers squeeze your brake pads against the rotor to slow the car down. On a typical vehicle, the rotors can reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit! Essentially, the entire brake system converts the kinetic energy from your car moving into friction to stop your vehicle. But, extreme levels of heat can cause issues and result in components failing.


Overuse of your brakes.


To prevent your brakes from overheating in the summer, engage in driving practices that put less stress on your car. There are ways to economically change your driving to increase the life of your rotors and brake pads! Heavy and fast braking can be tough on your brakes. When this happens, your brakes do not have enough time to dissipate the excess heat, leading to significant wear over time. With the hotter temperatures in the summer, you don’t want that! Therefore, you should attempt to increase your stopping times and distances. This will give your car more time to spread out the heat and perform a safe stop.


Know the warning signs.


If you’re hitting the road this summer season for a road trip, consider mobile car repair before the trip. Do you know the warning signs that your brakes might need servicing ASAP? Grinding noises, spongy brakes, and burning smells are signs that you need a brake replacement. If you’d like more information about the warning signs, read this article.

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