Brake Replacement: Ceramic vs. Metallic Pads

Brakes are one of your vehicle’s most critical safety features (if not the most!). When the car’s brake pedal is pressed, it squeezes hydraulic fluid into your braking system. Pressure is then transmitted equally to all four brake pads, which creates friction. This friction between the brake pads and rotors is what slows down your vehicle! If you require a brake replacement, consider a convenient mobile brake service from Brakes on Demand. Here are some differences between two types of brake pads: ceramic and metallic.


Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Noise Level: Quiet
  • Residue or Dust: Minimal
  • Wear on System: Significant


Ceramic brake pads are similar to the ceramic used to make pottery. Although, they are significantly more dense and durable than a dinner plate! To make these brake pads more durable, they have fine copper fibers embedded. This helps with friction and heat conductivity. But, ceramic brake pads cannot absorb as much heat as other types of materials. As a result, more heat ends up transferring to the rest of the braking system, which can cause wear over time. For people who don’t drive in very cold or very hot weather frequently, ceramic brake pads are perfect for your next brake replacement.


Metallic Brake Pads


  • Noise Level: Louder
  • Residue or Dust: Significant
  • Wear on System: Significant


Metallic brake pads are made of several different types of metals. Most often, it’s a combination of copper, iron, steel, and other composite alloys. These metals combine with a graphite lubricant and fillers to create the full brake pad. Due to the metal composition, these pads will withstand the heat and cool off quickly. But, as a whole, they do tend to significantly louder and create more dust than other types of brake pads. If you’re looking for high-performance brake pads that can handle a wide range of conditions and temperatures, metallic brake pads are for you.

Brakes On Demand

Mobile Brake Replacement from Brakes on Demand 


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