4 Signs It’s Time for Brake Replacement

Your brakes are potentially one of the most critical safety features of your vehicle. Without them, your quick trip to the grocery store or drive to work could end in catastrophic levels. Knowing when it’s time for brake replacement is a must for drivers of all ages. In this article, we’re providing you with sure-tell signs that it’s time to have your vehicle’s brakes serviced.


There are grinding noises

One of the first noticeable signs of needing brake replacement is a grinding or squeaking noise. Generally, the sound comes from worn brake pads and metal hitting metal. However, you may also be hearing your metal wear sensor hard at work, giving you the heads up that it’s time for a service call.


Your brakes feel spongy

Although brake replacement may not be in order, brake servicing certainly is if you’re experiencing soft or spongy brakes. Caused by air trapped within the lines, spongy brakes can lead to more significant problems if not addressed. Typically, you’ll be looking at a brake fluid flush to resolve the problem, but in more progressed situations there may be leaks within the cylinders.

Either way, driving with spongy brakes is unsafe and warrants a call to your trusted technician right away.


Vibrations within the pedal

If you’re feeling a vibrating or pulsing feeling when pressing the brake, your rotors may require a little TLC. Often, your professional technician will discover uneven wear or that your rotor has become warped. The danger in this situation is decreased stopping time as well as the potential for temporary brake failure.


The vehicle is pulling to one side

To many, when a vehicle favors and pulls to one side, their brakes are the last thing they’re thinking of. However, if this is occurring, it’s generally a sure sign that the vehicle has uneven brake wear. However, there could be further underlying issues that require the expertise of your trusted mechanic.


Warning lights should not be ignored

If a warning light on your dash is illuminated, don’t ignore it! This added layer of protection is in place to keep you as safe as possible. At the warning signs, give your mechanic a call.


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