3 Key Components When Getting Brake Service

Your brakes are an essential safety feature in your vehicle. Thus, it is crucial to have brake service preformed about once a year. Although the wear and tear depend on the amount and style of driving, there are several parts that you should consider replacing. In this article, we’re looking at 3 of the most essential components to keep your vehicle running at optimal levels.



Calipers are the pieces that hold the brake pads in place. They are the first part of the hydraulic system that causes the brake pads to create friction with the rotors. Calipers can become rusty, contaminated or dirty, and can leak brake fluid if you don’t drive regularly. 


Brake pads

Brake pads are a vital brake part that applies pressure and friction to the brake rotors. The friction created between the rotor and the brake pad is what slows and stops your vehicle. You will know if these need to get replaced if you hear squealing or grinding noises, or have decreased braking performance. The constant heat generated from friction suggests you should have your brake pads replaced once a year. 


Brake Rotors

Rotors are circular discs that connect to each wheel. When your brake pads squeeze against the rotors, it creates friction, which slows the rotation and stops your vehicle from moving. Over time the heat in combination with your driving style can affect the integrity of your rotors. The surface or your rotors can become warped over time due to the extreme heat. If left unattended, your brakes can become jittery and less effective. 


If you notice that your brakes are making a noise, sucha as squealing or grinding, or that brake fluid is leaking, you should have your brakes checked immediately. Brakes are an essential safety feature, and if they don’t work, you are endangering yourself and others around you!

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